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Plenary Sessions

Plenary 1: Financial Toxicity
Chair: Ian Olver, Australia
Speakers: Pricivel Carrera, Ronan Kelly, Jonas de Souza.

Plenary 2: Side Effects of Immunotherapy
Chair: David Warr, Canada
Speakers: Mario Lacouture, Karin Jordan, Joel Epstein.

Plenary 3: Precision Medicine
Chair: Rachel Gibson, Australia
Speakers: Joanne Bowen, Janet Coller, Nicolaj Andreassen.


Bone Health in Cancer: Advances in Research and Clinical Practice
Chairs: Cesar Migliorati, Catherine Van Poznac
Speakers: Cesar Migliorati, Beatrice Edwards, Winston Tan, Ourania Nicolaotou-Galitis.

Clinical Tobacco Intervention: Role in Supportive Care
Chairs: Debbie Saunders
Speakers: Bill Evans, Meredith Giuliani, Lisa Masucci

Joanna Briggs Institute Session: Disability and Cancer
Chairs: Joanne Bowen, Edoardo Aromataris,
Speakers: Edoardo Aromataris, Catalin Tufanaru, Micah Peters

Neurological Complications
Chairs: Charles Loprinzi
Speakers: Charles Loprinzi, Heather Greenlee, Ian Kleckner

Palliative Care
Chairs: Gregory Crawford, Andrew Davies
Speakers: Gregory Crawford, Judith Paice, Mellar Davis, Andrew Davies

Integrating Oncodermatology into Practice: State of the Science
Chairs: Mario Lacouture, 
Co-Chairs: Kathryn Ciccolini
Speakers: Mario Lacouture, Jennifer Choi, Rebecca Wong Can, Kathryn Ciccolini

Educational Session: How to write a manuscript for supportive care in cancer
Chairs: Fred Ashbury,  Ian Olver, Paul Hesketh
Speakers: Fred Ashbury,  Ian Olver, Paul Hesketh

ONS/MASCC Joint Session
Chairs: Lisa Kennedy Sheldon
Speakers: Pricivel Carrera, Ronan Kelly, Ian Olver, Darcy Burbage, Lisa Kennedy Sheldon, Christina Bach

Challenges in Pain Control in Pediatric Oncology
Chairs: Marianne van de Wetering, Andrea Orsey
Speakers: Marianne van de Wetering, Erik Loeffen, Justin Baker, Andrea Orsey

MASCC Cancer-Related Fatigue Treatment Guidelines 
Chairs: Karen Mustian, Debra Barton
Speakers: Sriam Yennu, Stephen Samuel, Karin Olson, Luke Peppone, Karen Mustian

Reproduction Across the Lifecourse of the Female Cancer Patient
Chairs: Sarah Temkin, Debra Barton
Speakers: Andrew Kaunitz, Aletha Akers, Jeanner Carter, Mindy Christianson

Neutropenai, Infection and Myelosuppression Study Group
Chairs: Bernardo Rapoport, Jean Klastersky
Speakers: Matti Aapro, Jean Klastersky, Bernardo Rapoport, Stephen Zinner

Mucositis: Outcome Measures
Chairs: Sharon Elad, Nicole Blijlevens
Speakers: Debbie McGuire, Nicole Blijlevens, Joel Epstein, Noam Yarom

Health Related Quality of Life Across the Cancer Trajectory
Chairs: Ann O'Mara, 
Speakers: Deborah Watkins-Bruner, Debra Barton, Betty Ferrel

Cancer and the Sensorium: Influences and Implications for Taste, Smell, Touch, Vision, and Hearing
Chairs: Anna Boltong, Rachel Gibson
Speakers: Anna Boltong, Kathleen Keller, Valerie Duffy

Geriatric Assessment as a Supportive Care Strategy - How Can Technology Help Patients and Clinicians Care for Older Adults with Cancer?
Chairs: Christopher Steer, Armin Shahrokni
Speakers: Christopher Steer, Armin Shahrokni, Len Gray, Mary E Cooley

Wound Care in Oncology
Chairs: Mario Lacouture, Anna Skripnik Lucas
Speakers: Anna Skripnik Lucas, Alina Markova, Jae Jung

Scalp Cooling Session
Chairs: Fran Boyle, Annie Young
Speakers: Corina van den Hurk, Julie Nangia, Hope Rugo, Mario Lacouture

Challenges in Antiemetics
Chairs: Matti Aapro, David Warr
Speakers: Richard Gralla, Matti Aapro, Rudolf Navari, Fausto Roila, David Warr, Bernardo Rapoport

South East Asia Session 
Chairs: Ian Olver, Kazuo Tamura
Speakers: Kazuo Tamura, Takako Nakajima, David Hui

Cross Cultural Communication in Cancer Care
Chairs: Lidia Schapira, Penny Schofield
Speakers: Alex Green, Sandra Michiels, Phyllis Butow


Oral Oncology in the Pediatric Setting
Speakers: Eric Loeffen, Catherine Hong,, Caroline Nguyen

Osteonecrosis of the Jaws
Speakers: David Yang, Cesar Migliorati

Oral Oncology Research
Speakers: Raj Lalla, Mike Brennan

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